Why train with Best Behaviour™? For a very long time, it was believed that dogs (and many other animals) were driven purely by automatic responses to environmental stimuli. The science of canine cognition and emotionality has now proven that dogs experience many emotions in the same way that humans do. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Heck, I could’ve told you that dogs have emotions!” And while you’re right—it was pretty obvious all along that our pets have a wide spectrum of emotional experiences, it’s fabulous to have the science to back it up! Having come from a background in welfare, my primary goal is to prevent the problem behaviours that land animals in such a situation. Since behavioural problems far outweigh medical conditions as the primary reason for relinquishment/euthanasia, early training and socialization can literally save thousands of pets’ lives. So at Best Behaviour™, we use the science of learning and behaviour to teach your pets how to be the absolute best versions of themselves, while building a lasting bond with you, their guardian and most valued companion.

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Who is the instructor for Best Behaviour™? Jessica studied Motion Picture Production at Tshwane University of Technology and graduated cum laude in 2007. She has since worked as a freelance video editor but volunteered at an animal shelter in her free time. It was here that she met Leigh Shenker, who subsequently helped her cats rebuild their friendship after a week of separation caused unforeseen aggression. Working through the behaviour modification programme, Jess realized that although she had always loved animals, she knew nothing about their behaviour! She has since qualified as a ThinkingPets Confi-Puppy instructor and holds the OCN UK accredited Diploma through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology and is a CAPBT SA Affiliate member. Jessica uses the knowledge gained in her studies to assist animal welfare organizations to improve the welfare of the animals in their care, specifically focusing on early development, problem prevention, and public education. Jessica currently runs Best Behaviour: Animal Behaviour & Training in Midrand, focusing on improving relationships by helping guardians to better understand and communicate with their pets. She remains well trained by her dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and two young boys. Jessica marks and tutors the Diploma course for COAPE International.